CORRUPTION | The Heart of Corruption

Hello world! Welcome to Life Rocks. Today, I speak on, “The Heart of Corruption.” You think about it, let’s talk about it. Scandals, scandals, scandals! Everywhere across the whole world! From Africa to Latin America, from Asia to North America. Everywhere in every sector as it were. Whether it comes to technology [...]

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CORRUPTION | Are You Born Corrupt?

Hello, world! Welcome to Life Rocks. I speak today on “Born Corrupt.” You think about it. Let’s talk about it. When people are guilty, they protest their innocence in a very loud manner. You actually begin to wonder. You find this in athletics. It’s wonderful, pristine, pure, human activity—people have been corrupt. [...]

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Corruption and Corruptibility

Answers about God and Life. Welcome to Here at, we want to help you find your purpose in life. You can express your heart-response by talking like this to God: "God, you and I know I am lost. I have turned away from You, and lost my way. I humbly [...]

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